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More Takeshita Demons coverage

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Over a weekend of sunshine, shopping (bought a celebratory bag full of cute things from Baby Gap) and great food (Brick Lane curry!), there’s been even more coverage of the Frances Lincoln award and Takeshita Demons...YAY:

– This great post from terrific writer and wonderful mentor, Julia Lawrinson. Julia mentored me (and still does :-)) while I was re-writing my first manuscript, One Weekend with Killiecrankie. We’re still looking for a publisher for this: perhaps Frances Lincoln will be interested? Thanks Julia for being such a support over the years!

ryoi_nopperabo1“First Diverse Voices Winner” at Write Away. The short list “included stories set in the Thai community in Sydney, a Polish extended family in the West Midlands, a Shona village in rural Zimbabwe and the camel train of the Queen of Sheba in the days of the Old Testament.” Wow!

“Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Book Award” at Paper Tigers. This post includes a brief description of some of the demons Miku faces in the book: the nukekubi (cut-throat) and noppera-bo (see “artist’s impression” on left), to give just two super-scary examples.

“Diverse Children’s Books Recognised at Awards Ceremony” at Community Newswire.

Sounds like Takeshita Demons the book is full-steam ahead (YAY!), but I’m still not sure what comes next. At my request, I’m having another shot at editing the manuscript before re-sending it to Janetta Otter Barry, who will be looking at it with a view to featuring it in her new line of children’s fiction.  More later in the week…

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