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Update from publisher land

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Ōkubi by Toriyama Sekein c. 1779

Yesterday was my meeting with Janetta, my publisher, and all seems to be going well. She’d read my second-edit of the manuscript, loved some bits of it, didn’t like others. I’ve now turned it completely over to her for a thorough edit under the pen of experience.

I’m hoping that this combination of my “raw” storytelling and Janetta’s nose for what works and what doesn’t will lead to a super-duper manuscript that shines far brighter than anything I could’ve produced alone. I guess that’s the point of having an editor look over it, but still, it seems amazing that someone is actually reading my stuff and taking it seriously. Cool!

We talked contracts for a bit…I don’t have a literary agent so am feeling my way as I go.

I totally need to do some research (there are places to go for advice on publishing contracts…the Society of Authors for a start), but for now I’m 100% sidetracked by plotting and planning for a Takeshita Demons sequel. Janetta’s going to hold back on the contract stuff until I can get back to her with my proposal for a sequel (and beyond?)…Apparently it’s not normal for them to offer a multi-book deal, but a lot depends on the quality of the story/writing.

So I’m putting together a killer proposal, with gripping plots, evolving, likable characters, and the right mix of fun, fantasy and bizarre Japanese monsters…what could go wrong? Watch this space 🙂

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