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Frequently asked questions: About me!

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Hopefully I’ve answered some of your questions below. If you have more, please just ask.

Where can I find your biography?

How do you pronounce “Takeshita”?
“Takeshita” is actually two words: “ta-ke”, meaning “bamboo”, and “shita”, meaning “beneath”. You pronounce it ta-ke-shta.

What you usually write about and who you write for?
I love to write about adventures and dangerous escapades (because adventures and dangerous escapades are super-exciting). I almost always write for children (because children are so good at adventures and dangerous escapades).

Why do you write?
I write because I love reading. It’s SO MUCH FUN to create stories and ideas in my head and share them with other people. I love to learn new things, and then write about them, as a way of sharing my excitement.

Where do you write?
I write wherever I can, usually at my desk (along with my keys, empty glasses/mugs, the radio, a to-do-list, some chocolate and about twelve pens). Sometimes, when I want to give myself a treat, I take myself out on a Hot Date, and write in a coffee shop.

What inspired you to enter the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Award?
I think the media that we consume—the things we read and watch and listen to—helps to shape the people we become and the way our society functions.

As a writer, I can contribute to that media, and perhaps influence the society we are creating. I want my children to be exposed to different ideas, and to enjoy different ways of thinking and doing. Reading provides a magical door into understanding and celebrating that diversity.

What was your favourite book as a child?
How could I ever choose just one favourite book? As a kid I read and read and read, sometimes reading six or seven books at the same time. I read hundreds of mystery adventure stories: The Secret Seven and Famous Five, The Hardy Boys, The Three Investigators, Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew (though I was a bit annoyed that Nancy was always being rescued by her boyfriend Ned; why couldn’t she just rescue herself?).

Two books that stand out from my childhood in New Zealand are Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee and The Haunting by Margaret Mahy. Beware: both are really exciting and a little bit scary.

Do you like reading?
Yes! When I’m reading, I can do anything. I can slay dragons, fight aliens, climb mountains, win races, explore new countries, fall in love… I can get inside someone else’s head and have an idea of what it feels like to be them.

So yes, I love love love reading, especially in bed at night, when everything else is quiet and it’s just me and my book and the adventure.

How many books have you written?
I’ve written many, many books (not all published), and many more articles and stories (not all published).

Can you come to my school/library/festival/bookclub?
I love speaking and visiting. Please contact me for more information.

Is it true that you’re incredibly good-looking and intelligent?
Well, I don’t like to comment on that (blush). But thank you for asking 🙂


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