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Fabulous Fergus is born!


FergusIt’s been a long time between posts, mostly because I’ve been waiting and watching for any signs of labour to begin.

Due 7 July, I expected to at least feel something in the lead-up to that date. But no. I was Wooden Cervix Woman. Weeks later, with my Mum (who flew all the way from Australia to be here to meet her first grandchild) due to leave any day, there had still been no progress. The little man hadn’t even engaged. He simply was not keen to leave!

Finally, after planning and hoping for a home birth, we were 12 days overdue and time was still ticking on. We decided to opt for an induction, kicking off the process when we were 12 days overdue. What a great decision!!

The midwives at Homerton Hospital were all AMAZING (thank you! thank you!) and my Mum and Doug were an incredible support and inspiration. Doug and I been practising hypnobirthing techniques for a few months in the leadup, and that was also a great decision. The labour was quick and we got through the first phase just using relaxation and breathing techniques (I remember enjoying some massive endorphin buzzes after early contractions!)…It was an incredible bonding experience and by the next day I couldn’t tell you what a contraction felt like. Everything but the buzz has faded.

Fergus_and_DadThe second phase was a bit trickier…Fergus has a massive head (all those brains! :-)) and I needed a hand getting him out. Again, the Homerton staff were incredibly professional and friendly and supportive. I wouldn’t change any part of that mad, wonderful, INTENSE day for anything. In the end we were about 12 hours from waters breaking to Fergus arriving – it all seems like an incredible dream. My full and utter respect to everyone involved in childbirth. Anyone who has ever given birth or supported someone giving birth has been part of something utterly incredible.

Time now to feed this gorgeous little guy…His stats for those keen on such things: Fergus popped out at 3.97 kilos (8 pounds 12) and 56 centimetres long (what legs!).  YAY!

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6 thoughts on “Fabulous Fergus is born!

  1. Hooray!! Thanks so much guys! He’s just turned one-week-old and just lovely! Now over 4 kg!! Must be all the chocolate cake I’ve been eating 🙂


  2. wow!!! Cristy, you are an incredible wooza. You are so upbeat even when i would expect you to be exhausted. go girl. congrats Dougy san and hello Fergus. you are a gorgeous little lad. love aunty ned xoxo


  3. Yay!! Well done Cristy and Doug and Fergus!


  4. What an absolute beauty! Good work!


  5. Yay! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! He’s beautiful. Happy Birthday Fergus! 🙂


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