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Parent and baby cinema: what fun!


Fergus grinsI recently took Fergus to parent and baby cinema, and it was hilarious. Totally recommended.

For a start, there were only five of us in the whole cinema (that’s five mums, five babies)(we’d all swapped names and sleeping patterns before the first credits had even rolled).

The whole thing was very friendly. Everyone was equally worried about their baby being disruptive, and everyone’s baby was disruptive . There was lots of gurgling and choking and gas-passing, and Fergus did all of these things, plus he managed to choose the most silent parts of the film to fill his nappy in a most malodorous and musical fashion :-)).

But not to worry…there was a change table in the toilet, and heaps of room in the cinema aisle for pacing/rocking/juggling/insert baby-soothing-tactic here.

Plus they kept the sound slightly low and the lights slightly high, so we could see what we were doing (mostly) and the gunshots/car chases didn’t scare the sleeping babies (actually we saw “Coco before Chanel“, so the closest thing to a gunshot/car chase was a particularly thrilling scene where she cut a new design from some fancy imported fabric)(although there were some tense moments when dear Coco was having sex in the back of a car; I felt like yelling out “Be careful! This is where you could end up!”).

Fergus LOVED it. His little eyes were so wide when we first arrived (and that was before he even saw the screen!).  Just being in that big dark room with flashing lights and funny shadows was enough to send his little brain into excitement overdrive. He looked and looked — his mini eyebrows have never been so high.

One of the really nice things about taking your baby to the cinema is that you get to hold him close to you for the entire length of the film and not feel guilty that you’re spoiling him or should be doing something else…it was lovely. Fergus loved it too, feeding till he passed out in my arms. *Sigh* (I’m totally smitten with this “Mum” thing; can you tell?).

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2 thoughts on “Parent and baby cinema: what fun!

  1. hey cristy! I’m late on the uptake, but congrats on the new arrival! fergus is very cute! you now have me as a subscriber.


    • hey Marc! Thanks for your congrats 🙂 I’m not sure how we managed such a cute one…and he’s extremely laid back too. Loves the sound of his own bowel movements 🙂 Gotta love it 🙂 Thanks for subscribing…I promise it won’t be entirely poo-centric 😉 See you in Sydney sometime!


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