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Fergus loves travel!

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Fergus_on_a_trainFergus loves travel!
We went to Preston last week, a fab university town about three hours by train from London.

It’s the first time we’ve been away overnight since Fergus was born, and he LOVED it.

He was either incredibly awake (alert, looking, laughing, reaching out, trying new sounds) or incredibly asleep (he didn’t think twice about sleeping for eight hours straight in the unfamiliar cot: what a champion!).

Recurring dream, anyone?
Actually I think Fergus slept better than me: I had a recurring dream about stage_frightbeing minutes from going on stage, but not knowing my lines. I rush around trying to find a copy of the script: I know if I can just be reminded of my first line, the rest will fall into place.

But guess what? There’s not a copy anywhere and noone else is around. Gulp! (Turns out my editor has the same recurring dream…anyone else?).

This actually happened to me as a kid in New Zealand: I got up on stage, all dressed up with an Aussie swagman’s cork hat and ready to recite Dorothea MacKellar’sMy Country“, and I blanked out.

I completely forgot the first line. I just stared through the dangling corks at the sea of faces watching me and sweated, waiting for someone to prompt me. It was a long wait. They probably thought I was going for dramatic effect.

Blackpool_piratesPiratical rumbustification
We also went to Blackpool, Britain’s old-school-British answer to Las Vegas. We ate fish and chips in a pirate-themed amusement park, with bells and whistles and buzzers going off, slow-motion pirate boats crusing overhead, zombie killers, soft toy grabbers, coin pushers…the works (I obviously don’t know their technical names…and we didn’t win a giant stuffed tiger)(We did, however, have an excellent time…I’d love to stay here for a summer and write!).

This weekend we’re off to Geneva, Switzerland, to catch up with friends before heading off to Australia at the end of the month. We’re lucky Fergus is so interested in new things! Here’s hoping he copes OK with aeroplane travel…it’s not my favourite way of getting around, but perhaps he can charm the air stewards into giving us great seats 🙂

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