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My #1 Recommendation for your #1 New Year’s Writing Resolution

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Fergus pokes out his tongue at New Year Resolutions

Fergus ponders his New Year Resolutions: learn to eat, learn to crawl, learn to walk. What a year!

What’s my #1 Recommendation for your #1 Writing Resolution?

I’m going to cheat here: my #1 recommendation for your #1 writing resolution is half-way down this post, so skip straight there if you’re keen.

It’s all in the words

My #2 recommendation: kick any non-specific resolutions out the door: they doom you to failure.


My big writing goal this year is very clear:

– In 2010 I will finish the next two books in the Takeshita Demons series.

…which is a truckload more motivating than…

– “In 2010 I will write more.”

“More” is all so vague. It leaves me with a consistent uneasiness, a wondering about whether this week’s writing was “more” or “less” than last week’s. So I’m never happy with myself, which is blerch. Instead, I have a very specific goal, which is more motivating, and ultimately, more rewarding.

So what’s my #1 Recommendation for your #1 Writing Resolution?

If you’re an unpublished writer of children’s books, your #1 writing resolution this year should be to enter the  Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices book award.

  • It’s free to enter
  • It’s open to any unpublished writer, living anywhere in the world.
  • You can enter by email.
  • You can win 1500 pounds *PLUS* a publishing deal complete with advance and royalties

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?? So, dust off that old manuscript or get your head down writing a new one (15,000 to 35,000 words). Entries are due around February each year.

Not a children’s writer?

Give it a shot anyway…you could find a new voice! Or…check out these writing competitions instead:

Here’s to 2010! Twenty-ten. Two-oh-ten. Year of Grabbing Opportunities. May it be a good one!!

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