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First review is up!


The first review of Takeshita Demons is up on Amazon. It’s utterly terrifying to think that people who aren’t my mother or my editor or a select panel of competition judges are reading something I have written. For the first time my fiction is Out There and Public and Fair Game. Yikes.

I don’t know how celebrities do it. I would find it way too stressful to see myself in a zillion magazines and have to wear a disguise when leaving the house, and then have to wake up every morning and wonder: Did they spot me yesterday? What are they saying about me today?

Luckily, I’m not a celebrity and I’m not in any magazines (yet! ;-)). Even so, it’s scary. I know that not everyone will like what I’ve written and sometimes that will be because they don’t enjoy children’s books, period. Other times I guess it will be because they just don’t like what I’ve written. Yikes. I’m certainly feeling very vulnerable. Nevertheless, my plan is as follows:

I hope I survive this first book. I like calling myself a writer and I love creating characters and stories. Hopefully my skin is thick enough to breeze over any bad reviews and be boosted by good reviews (thanks bubblefish777).

Hopefully I can be bull-headed enough to Keep Calm and Carry On. And super-hopefully, kids will love reading Takeshita Demons and it will encourage even reluctant readers to get their nose into a good book!

Now, where did I leave my dark glasses and moustache?

Author: cristyburne


5 thoughts on “First review is up!

  1. Thanks everyone!! I’m pretty excited 🙂 But still horribly scared. Funny. Like being on a roller coaster 🙂


  2. Nice review. That reviewer seems pretty active too, 235 reviews.

    It’s brilliant to hear you doing so well hope the house hunting is getting done and Fergus is doing alright.


  3. Isn’t it a strange moment? I was hyper-ventilating when I read mine. But what a great review! Well done!


  4. CJ – Stoked!! What a review from bubble777 (or whatever it was!). Congrats! SO proud of you…does uk amzon deliver to Oz…lots love


  5. Hey Cristy,

    That is too awesome! Congratulations and all the best in trying to remain calm.


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