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Utterly hilarious procrastination tool


Can’t go wrong.

Try this face-transforming tool and spend valuable minutes laughing out loud. You’ll add years to your life.

Some favourites below: from left: Babyface, Mangaface, Manface, EastAsianface and Muchaface.

Big thanks to Mr Science, who put me on to the tool in this post.

Author: cristyburne


5 thoughts on “Utterly hilarious procrastination tool

  1. I should also be working, and cleaning the bathroom. You are a bad influence!


  2. WOW! You look SEXY!!!! Man-you and Mucha-you could get together and have a LOT of fun. Ah, I need to do work, but this is so much better for my blood pressure. 🙂


  3. Hilarious! I think I’ll use Mucha-me as a publicity shot 😉 About the only time I’ve ever looked sophistocated 🙂
    Will you show me yours???


  4. manga-you is fab! And Mucha-you looks so sophisticated and glam!


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