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More cool writing competitions

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Good night.

I’m absolutely exhausted…

Way too many weeks spent living in three houses (almost down to two), buying a car (almost bought), wrestling a dog (gone to my parents’), juggling a baby (now asleep), trying to strip paint (stripped) and paint paint (one coat down), trying to eat healthy (does fruit bread count?) and stay sane (how many tins of peas can I fit up my nose?)…the usual.

But, just cause I’m falling over in my chair, doesn’t mean the world’s not full of great news!

More great news!

1) I got my first royalties, somehow. They seem to be fees from photocopying (?!), and I don’t pretend to understand how or why, I just nod and get excited.

2) Keren David, author of the awesome WHEN I WAS JOE, has some great news at her blog.

3) TAKESHITA DEMONS is 9/10th of the way to being finalised. WOO HOO!

4) There are HEAPS of great opportunities for young writers and free competitions for unpublished writers (and published writers!).  I encourage All Of You Out There to write for me (since I haven’t written at all this week!), and enter heaps of competitions… Most of them can be entered by email, many of them are free. What’s not to like?

Go gettem! (And I will go to bed).

More writing competitions to enter:

You are:

An unpublished fiction writer aged 16+: Enter your novel and synopsis (by email) in the FREE Read More competition

Aged 7-12 with a great bedtime story idea: Try the Book at Bedtime competition, also free to enter (and probably helps if you live in the UK, although the rules don’t state you have to)

Aged 8-16 and a UK resident: Enter the free microfiction competition at

A nature lover aged 18+: Check out this awesome opportunity for nature writers from the BBC

Aged 5-25 and living in the UK or Northern Ireland: WICKED! You can enter this free competition with any kind of writing you like: poems, theatre, you name it. And there are 20 prizes in each age category, so get writing!

An emerging writer of natural history, nature and place and probably living in Australia: The Watermark Fellowship is awarded this year and could see you resident at Varuna House in the Blue Mountains.

A childrens or YA writer or illustrator either unpublished or with just one publishing credit: CYA Later Alligator has a competition for you, and all entries get specific feedback.

Let me know if you win!!!

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