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Part of the e-bookery future? Step into “The Winter House”


Check it out! I know this is just the tip of the  iceberg, but it’s still very cool. It’s interactive fiction: “a story you can talk to.”

Have a go and let me know what you think.

I think: exciting, engaging, interactive… You can read it with a friend and not feel like you’re waiting for them to finish. There’s spooky music and sound effects. There’s mystery clues. And you have to follow your nose for the story to continue. I love it.

I love Ye Olde Fashioned books, don’t get me wrong. But, having moved house about a billion times in the last ten years, proper-paper-woah-that’s-heavy-oh-no-get-me-to-a-chiropractor books do have their limitations.

Are things more fun when you can get your hands dirty?

That said, a recent post by Angela Meyer (Show Me Your Spines) showcased the pile of books beside her bed, and looking at the pile made me realise: lugging paper books around does have a bonus.

Paper books must be shelved, stacked, put. They can’t hide away in your hard drive. They are in your face, screaming “Read me” or “Remember me” or just “Whee, aren’t books great.”

Fergus already has a stack of books he likes to “read”, and because we don’t have a shelf for them yet they generally flop around on the couch/floor/rug/table, spread out to take up maximum surface area, and thus to demand maximum attention. We’ve just ordered an iPad from the US, more as a plaything than a serious investment in e-bookery, but it will be interesting to see which of the two he prefers.

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2 thoughts on “Part of the e-bookery future? Step into “The Winter House”

  1. YAY! Nice to hear from you Trilbs..and yes, I love the instant gratification of e-books. Super useful for non-fiction too, when you’re doing research. Will be interested to hear your Kindle impressions 🙂


  2. Hiya Cristy,

    Well I think it is mighty appropriate that I am replying to this blog using my blackberry, sitting in the airport lounge after just having downloaded and read an excerpt from Beyond the Safezone on my amazon kindle. I always love a good zombie story:) and can’t wait for the next installment.

    I have to say I’m a huge fan of e-books. Dave bought me a kindle for christmas and it was the best present ever. I hate the sheer wastage of paper books (but my local 2nd hand bookstore is quite happy since I donated all my old books to them). The best thing is being able to download books immediately. I had a look for takashita demons on amazon (not there yet but I guess later in the year?) So downloaded this instead. How cool! Anyway, I’m off on a trip, but drop me an email ( and I’ll fill you in on life in general.



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