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"A rollicking ride for both the main characters and the reader… I was captured from the beginning to the end." ReadPlus

Takeshita Demons is out now!


It’s actually happening! Takeshita Demons is OUT NOW in the UK!

I don’t know what to think, so instead of thinking I’m editing an old manuscript and diving deep into another world for a while. And taking Fergus swimming, or to the zoo, or to the park.

Don’t you just love the graphics the FL team have created for including in their email signatures? Feel free to download and use it yourself 😉

A big thanks to everyone who’s written in already to say their copy has arrived. I really hope you (and especially your kids) enjoy the read.


Author: cristyburne


2 thoughts on “Takeshita Demons is out now!

  1. Thank yoooooooooou! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it. The next one, THE FILTH LICKER, is due out same time next year I think 🙂


  2. It’s a super book! Review is to come soonish 🙂 When’s the next one coming out?


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