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Super spooky Monster Brains

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I recently came across this awesome blog, Monster Brains, featuring regular updates of the horrific, disgusting, hungry and inspiring. If you’re a writer and you’re looking for inspiration: look no further.

And if you don’t like horror movies (like me!), or if you’re prone to scary dreams…don’t look too long 🙂

The site has featured some great posts on Japanese monsters, or yokai.

And Takeshita Demons news…

Takeshita Demons came out in Australia and New Zealand yesterday!! YAY!! And there’s an interview with me in the local paper, starring an enormous photo of me with a self-cut fringe. Moral: never try to cut your own hair in the lead-up to the launch of your book.

And in other artly news…

Gasp, a piece of theatre by librarian and writer Suzanne Rofe, was also featured in today’s paper. It’s on tonight and until 21 August at the Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge, Perth. Not a kids thing, but certainly an interesting (and probably funny?) look at the mental health system now as compared to the 19th Century, asking the question: Have we really come that far? Good luck tonight Suzanne!

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