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The Filth Licker: what do you think?


YAY!!! Check it out: the brand new cover for The Filth Licker, the second book in the Takeshita Demons trilogy…

Cover for Takeshita Demons: The Filth LickerI’m thrilled to bits with it and can’t wait to see the other images that illustrator Siku has been working on. The Filth Licker was so much fun to write and this cover really reflects the exciting story and spooky adventures Miku and Cait get up to this time round.

So… What do you think?

Author: cristyburne


6 thoughts on “The Filth Licker: what do you think?

  1. Thanks guys! It should come out in Australia a couple of months after it releases in the UK, so in about a year? But things for the Filth Licker seem to be moving faster than for Takeshita Demons, so fingers crossed it might be out earlier?
    I’m so glad you loved it Sandy…thanks for the review!


  2. It looks really cool Cristy! It will definitely grab the kids’ attention on the shelves.


  3. When is it released in Australia? I finished Takeshita Demons recently and love it. Have written a review!


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  5. It looks absolutely fantastic. I love the colours. Congratulations Cristy!


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