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Awesome kids site: Folk legends of Japan


I’ve just discovered a terrific site for kids (and big kids) interested in learning more about Japan: Kids Web Japan.

There’s a cool section on Japanese folk tales, including the Tongue-cut Sparrow, The Mouse’s Wedding, and Japan’s tale of star-crossed lovers, Tanabata. Plus, of course, my favourite folktale: Momotaro, the story of a boy born in a peach.

(When I was living in Japan, my third year students performed their own version of Momotaro at our school’s cultural festival, writing the entire script in English and performing to the whole school. It was brilliant!)(We also did Hashire Meros, based on a short story by revered Japanese author, Osamu Dazai.)

Anyway, back to this terrific site: You can learn about sumo, explore a virtual Japanese house, try your hand at cooking… It’s brilliant fun.

Working, writing, playing!
I’ve been flat out this week preparing for school visits next week (the last week of school – YAY!) and library visits (school holidays – YAY!) and I’m absolutely loving Monster Matsuri…it’s a funny, scary and exciting book…Just the sort of thing I love to read. I’m nearing the end of the first draft but I know there’s lots more work to do.

I love writing!!
But MAN…I love writing. It’s so cool to invent a world and people who live in it, and then spend ages playing with them. I used to love playing with lego (and we’ve just introduced Fergus to lego too…he thinks everything is an aeroplane), and writing is just like playing with lego. You get a few pieces (words) and plug them together in different ways (sentences), and then you play with them for hours. FUN!

Off for more of that then!


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4 thoughts on “Awesome kids site: Folk legends of Japan

  1. Hi Kylie! Great to hear from you…I had a great day yesterday and am glad you did too. Those slippers are called ‘geta’ and Chi did a great job…very funny! I do hope you read my books…just not at night when you are by yourself. You might get scared 😉 You can borrow them from the library for free you know 🙂 YAy for libraries!


  2. oh i wish i could read your books i met you at queens park library on Tuesday 23 august do you remember Chi who wore those slipper thingumabob


  3. Thanks Marjorie…I’m thrilled that he enjoyed TD and the website is great, hey? Great news with Booked Up…it’s so much fun to be involved 🙂
    Thanks for the feedback!!


  4. Fantastic – your recommendation is just what I need for my 9-year-old, who has no school today (staff training) and is mad about Japan. Now I might get some work done in peace! He loved Takeshita Demons by the way and is sooo happy there’s a sequel coming out! In fact, even though he’d read my advanced copy, he made me buy the actual book for him when it came out so that he could have the pictures too. Meanwhile, Older Brother has just started secondary schol and has just made his choice from the Booked Up list – but of course, he to has already read Takeshita Demons… Not sure what he has chosen, actually!


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