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Reporting from the All Saints Literature Festival: it rocked!


Wheee!!!! I spent this week at the 2011 All Saints Literature Festival, surrounded by amazing writers and illustrators, blown away by the lovely volunteers and talented student helpers, and drooling at the beautiful grounds of the All Saints College (wow!). THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR SUCH A GREAT FESTIVAL!

It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

If you saw one of my shows and laughed (or shivered): THANK YOU! You were such great audiences and really good sports (especially those who got wet!). Don’t forget to clean your bathrooms (the aka-na-me is waiting)!!!

Behind the scenes at LitFest 2011

My lovely colleagues have done a great job of writing about their time at the LitFest, so make sure you check out blog posts by:

Julia Lawrinson, who performed at the first LitFest with her first book (ten years ago!) and now has ten books to her name (and for those who aren’t super at maths, that’s one for every year!) (Impressive!) Julia was my mentor when I won a Young and Emerging Writer fellowship at Varuna House…she’s great!!

Susanne Gervay, who is a legend of Australian childrens fiction (Suzuanne includes some candid shots from the Green Room)(not any of me…heh heh heh!)

Shirley Marr, who was my Beautiful Roadie Assisant for one of my shows and did a fabulous job of making me laugh through the whole festivavl.

**If you’ve written a post about the 2011 All Saints LitFest and I haven’t found it…let me know and I’ll add it in…I want all the goss please!!

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2 thoughts on “Reporting from the All Saints Literature Festival: it rocked!

  1. Thanks Shirley!
    And yes…I have those notes…Very interesting reading 🙂 Let us catch up over tea and cake and we can chat about Marcus Marcus’ presentation 🙂


    …I wish I had groupies as famous as Karen Tayleur!
    Anytime Cristy. I still want to see those “notes” you made:)


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