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Which would you choose? A sneak peak at cover art for Takeshita Demons 3


Only two more sleeps till The Filth Licker comes out in the UK! YAY!

Already the wheels are turning on book 3 in the Takeshita Demons series: it’s called Monster Matsuri, which means Monster Festival (or Monster Party).

With thanks to the artistic genius of Siku…

We’re stoked to have manga artist extraordinaire Siku on board for the Takeshita Demons books. Siku’s manga-style artwork appears in 2000 AD, Judge Dredd magazine, the Manga Bible and more. The Takeshita Demons books feature his artwork throughout: full-page black-and-white manga-style drawings of all the action (woo hoo!)

And now the sneak-peak rough cover art!

I am always getting great feedback about Siku’s cover art for Takeshita Demons and The Filth Licker, and now I’m thrilled to share a couple of sneak peaks at how the cover for Monster Matsuri might look…

On the left is a more detailed look at the background, with Miku, Cait and Alex facing the throne.

On the right the background has been sketched faster, to give an idea of how it might look with the characters facing the reader.

What do you think?

Siku's cover-draft-Monster-MatsuriSiku's cover-draft-option2-Monster-Matsuri

Author: cristyburne


3 thoughts on “Which would you choose? A sneak peak at cover art for Takeshita Demons 3

  1. Thanks guys…Will pass the feedback on and see what Siku comes up with.. Thanks for your help!!


  2. Tough call Cristy. I agree with the Shannon but I would say that it may look similar to The Filth Licker with them running towards the reader.


  3. The detailed one on left looks fantastic but i think the concept of the one on the right is better – having them running towards the reader / viewer is more engaging, and it is great having some action!


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