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Hello all you Childrens Book Week kids!!!


All this week and part of last week I have had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of meeting hundreds of kids from local primary schools around Perth, all part of some terrific Childrens Book Week presentations organised by our fabulous libraries. (THANK YOU lovely librarians!! You make the day possible!)

By the end of the week, I’ll have chatted to 1000+ kids from  15 different schools, from Year 2 to Year 7. That’s a LOT of talking! And the best bit is that it’s not always me doing the talking.

I’ve had stacks of interesting questions, heard some spooky stories and met some great people. And I’m always impressed with the way the kids listen and participate (and laugh at my jokes :-)). You guys are great!!

I’m off now to prepare for tomorrow… Hope to see you then!

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2 thoughts on “Hello all you Childrens Book Week kids!!!

  1. Hi Christina,
    Thanks so much for these great links and for your feedback 🙂 I also took a quick look at your website…your illustrations are awesome! I’ll have a more detailed look when the rush of Book Week is over 🙂 Great chatting with you yesterday and thanks again for these links!


  2. Hi Cristy,
    had a wonderful time at your presentation at Queens Park library today. I was as fascinated as the kids were, I want one of the ‘filth lickers’ to keep my bathroom clean, though my daughter isn’t so keen, as she thinks they might leave green saliva everywhere! Also thanks for taking the time to chat afterwards. As I said today, I’m really interested in folktales and what we might call ‘fairytales’ today. If you’re interested, I’ve found these particular sites really great, both informative and inspirational, and though they mostly deal with European stories, there are several articles and stories about Japanese folklore too. The Journal of Mythic Arts is no longer running, but the archives are a great place to lose a few hours, with a wonderful mix of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and art. They’re all linked together as Terri Windling is the writer and editor, and she writes a regular blog that also has great links regarding fantasy and young adult fiction and so on. I guess it’s quite likely you’re already familiar with them, but just in case, here they are!

    Cheers, and thanks for a very entertaining morning!


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