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Can you pick the severed head?

Willetton Library Burrendah Primary students for Childrens Book Week Another great day for Childrens Book Week…thanks everybody!

I was really happy to get this picture of some of the Burrendah Primary kids at Willetton Library today with their 2-fruit and 5-vege *and* a severed head. Awesome!

And I’m also stoked with this great review of Filth Licker on the Spine Chills blog. YAY!!!

Below is a taste of the review: you can show it to your parents to prove that there isn’t any really horrible stuff  in Takeshita Demons, just spooky bathroom-cleaning stuff ;-))

“one of the rare horror stories that you can safely hand to younger readers without fear of threats from angry parents, but at the same time is genuinely packed full of spooky stuff. This is a series that is both highly original and wonderfully entertaining”


Author: cristyburne


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