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Reader review – Takeshita Demons: The Filth Licker ***Massive spoiler alert***

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One of the best things about being a writer is when people read your stuff and enjoy it.

I’m happy to say that this week I recieved a FAB email from a young reader (and talented writer), Dalton Whittle, including a review of The Filth Licker, and Dalton has kindly allowed me to reproduce his review here. THANKS DALTON!

But beware: If you haven’t read The Filth Licker yet, you might want to *stop reading right now* because Dalton’s review discusses lots of secrets and twists. Better to read the book first, then read the review 🙂

So…stop reading here if you don’t want to read some massive spoilers…

Have you stopped?

OK. Here goes:

Dear Cristy,

Hello it’s me, Dalton Whittle (I came to Hyogo Prefectural Centre, where you did a talk).

I just finished The Filth Licker and I loved it! As you said at your talk, you think your books get better and better each time you write one. The Filth Licker is definitely my favourite so far, and I eagerly await Monster Matsuri to come out.

I liked how in The Filth Licker, Alex is developed into a main character, and also how Alex has a Pearl from Okuda’s necklace which protected him from Yokai.

The sickle weasels are in my opinion the scariest monsters featured in your books so far, the picture of them showing that they took control of Cait (page 151 I think) was very scary! Also the picture on page 180, with the sickle weasels surrounding Miku was scary as well. These are my two favourite pictures in Takeshita Demons so far.

Takeshita Demons - The Filth Licker cover

I liked how we suspected Cait was a shape shifter, but Alex turned out to be a fox. Twists like this really made the book enjoyable. It took me a while to realise that burning the nest with the oil was too easy (it was a decoy). When the sickle weasel spirits combined due to this I was very surprised, and even more when Miku stumbled upon an even bigger nest!

The Filth Licker himself was also a great character, I liked it how he was a feeble but helpful Yokai who turned out to be brave (and awesome) by saving Miku’s life. I found it funny how Alex slept through the entire ordeal!

Overall I loved the setting of school camp and the first chapters of the book are gripping and really make you want to read more.

The telling of scary stories around the fire was a good part of the story because Miku unintentionally contributed to the “hundred” stories and helped to create the demon sickle weasels.

The ending of the book was great and left me wanting to read more especially after the climactically cool battle scene. The preview of Monster Matsuri is very intriguing and really makes the reader want to read it.

Having read both of Takeshita Demons, to find that the second book was this good, I can’t wait to read the third! The Takeshita Demons series is excellent, gripping you with adventure and horror while teaching you about Yokai in the process.

Wonderful books!

Good luck with your coming child.

Thanks Cristy

Dalton Whittle

THANK YOU DALTON!!! What a great review and thanks so much for taking the time to write to me!!

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