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Spotted: The Filth Licker at Next Page Please, Takapuna, New Zealand

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My Mum and Dad recently travelled to New Zealand to watch (and celebrate) as the All Blacks won the World Cup (All Blacks: if you’re reading this, my Dad is your #1 Fan!!).

While in NZ, they went shopping for a terrific kids picture book called Roadworks, which they found at this great childrens bookshop: Next Page Please.
(You can also get the Maori version of Roadworks at Next Page Please).

Fergus LOVES reading Roadworks and I love reading it to him, not only because it’s fun to read, with lots of rumbly jumbly roadworksy words, and not only because when we read it, he gets so excited he has to jump off the couch and run around the room shouting out the words (NO ONE WANTS A CRASH!), but also because it reminds me that my books are actually real and actually out there, in bookshops like this one.

How cool is that!!!???

And what a lovely place to shop for books…. I want to visit!!!

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