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Takeshitan Kintereilla: now I can fight Finnish demons too!


Takeshitan Kintereilla is here!

Yesterday I got my hands on the latest copy of Takeshita Demons, in Finnish!

The books look and feel fantastic. They’re hardcovers with a matt finish and they’re small, almost palm-sized.

Basically, they’re super-tactile and I just want to stroke them all day. If only I could read Finnish!

And why the octopi?

Why not? There’s a hilarious, bad tempered octopus in Takeshita Demons 4, and if you’ve got new and groovy books, you need a new and groovy library bag to carry them in 🙂

(Want one? Check out my friend Joanne’s glorious Octopus’s Garden for more funky octopi stuff; I love the Dr Seuss octo! Brilliant!)


Author: cristyburne


5 thoughts on “Takeshitan Kintereilla: now I can fight Finnish demons too!

  1. PS..if your boys would like a suessopus or even a loraxopus let me know, family get occys in the McDonald contract! x


  2. Thanks Cristy!! That is awesome, congratulations…i want something publish in Finnish! And Swahilii. Actually i would go for just being published in English! xx


  3. Thank you! And yes, I think so?? Flicking through, the only words I understand are in Japanese 😉 🙂 Hope your writing is going well…and congrats on the new job! Woo hoo!


  4. That’s awesome, Cristy! So does “kintereilla” mean “demon” in Finnish? 😀


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