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My top five demons: Japanese yokai I adore

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Japanese mythical creatures

Discover more Japanese monsters here…

What are your top five mythical creatures? I outline my Big 5 for superb Kiwi book blog, My Best Friends Are Books. Here’s a taster, but you’ll need to click through to find out…What are my Top Five???

Demons. I love them. I also love monsters, mythical creatures, spooky feelings and freaky things that go bump in the night. Woah. I get shivers just thinking about them.

My Takeshita Demons books are overflowing with spooky monsters and demons from Japanese folklore, called yōkai. Anyone who’s heard of Pokemon, played with Yu-Gi-Oh, read manga or even bought a lotto ticket has probably encountered a yōkai. (Remember that lucky cat with the beckoning paw?)

There are hundreds of yōkai and they’ve been popular in Japan for hundreds of years. Some are hugely famous, like the nine-tailed fox or the shape-shifting tanuki, but others are obscure and strange. My books feature lots of different demons, but here are my top five from the series so far…

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One thought on “My top five demons: Japanese yokai I adore

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