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Rejection letters? Here’s my first letter of acceptance!



If you’re like me, you’ve set yourself a few writing goals for 2013. 

If you’re like me, you’re now a week or so into these goals and it’s starting to get hard. The new feeling has faded. Your everyday success in completing your goal has become an everyday slog.

But fear not!

If you fall down, you can always get back up.

If you miss one day or one week or one month of your goal, no worries. You can start again with a New Month’s Resolution. Or a New Week’s Resolution. Or a New New Year’s Resolution.

Give yourself a break: no one’s perfect.

Just keep going!!!

So while you’re psyching yourself up for today’s writing session, here’s a little inspiration

It’s my first ever letter of acceptance.

About a hundred years ago, The New Zealand Herald was running a writing competition for young writers. I entered (with a homemade riddle), was accepted (with this letter), and banked my first ever writer’s cheque (for about $17, if I remember correctly). I was *STOKED*. 

There’s no date on the letter, but I think I was around ten years old. $17 was a lot! And the success was a buzz that went a long way to encouraging my writing habit.

(That’s one of the reasons why I encourage writers to enter reputable writing competitions…everyone needs a buzz every now and then!)

So what are you waiting for? Keep writing! Acceptance letters do arrive! Have faith and keep writing!





Author: cristyburne


3 thoughts on “Rejection letters? Here’s my first letter of acceptance!

  1. Ha! Thanks for the plug, Cristy. 🙂


  2. Huzzah – go 10-year-old you! (Even if they did spell your name with a CH).
    My writing goals for 2013 are numerous and lofty. Have to have something to aim for … good luck for your goals. 🙂


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