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Children’s Book Week 2013…”Now I know how to kill monsters”


Children’s Book Week is nearly over for 2013…I’m having a ball, visiting schools and libraries almost every day this month! Phew!

It makes it so much fun when the kids I’m talking to have such great imaginations, and the libraries they visit are so amazingly decorated, and their teachers play along with my jokes  (thanks!)…YAY!

And, check out the lovely fan mail: “Now I know how to kill monsters”

….and isn’t that what reading is all about!

Three cheers for Children’s Book Week!

Author: cristyburne


2 thoughts on “Children’s Book Week 2013…”Now I know how to kill monsters”

  1. I will never forget the awe of the feeling of expanding my own imagination through reading as a child. My mom reinforced for me how much reading could do for the mind and she was right. Great post! I love that there is a children’s book week still. I remember that always being one of my favorite times at school!


    • Thanks Charles…Me too! Some of my fondest school memories are of teachers reading books, and I still treasure a copy of Wibble Wobble I had signed by Margaret Mahy! Hoorah for people like your Mum!


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