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Celebrate! Download MerMonster FREE

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ImageLet’s party (by reading something scary all alone in the dark)(Go on, it’ll be fun!)

Next week, the Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family exhibition opens AND my second son turns two…woot woot!!

So, to celebrate, we’re giving away FREE copies of Takeshita Demons 4: MerMonster on Amazon, starting Thursday 21 November and ending Monday 25 November.

To grab your free copy, head to the Amazon of your choice (perhaps Amazon USUK, or Australia), and you’re only clicks away from downloading MerMonster for free.

No kindle? No problem

If you don’t have a kindle, you can download a free Kindle Reader app, which lets you download direct to your laptop, smart phone, desktop, tablet, fridge…whatever!

So what are you waiting for??* Grab some action-packed adventure and start celebrating!

*Actually, you’re waiting for 21 November, for the promotion to start. Which is understandable. But please, don’t forget to grab your free copy when November 21 rolls around!


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