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Asian Festival of Children’s Content: giant moths, awesome authors and fear of spouses

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IMG_3457The 2014 Asian Festival of Children’s Content is in full swing, and I’m loving it.

(So is my head.)

I’m loving the torrential rain and giant moths and spicy food, the old friends and new friends, the fever of book-loving and humidity and passion for children’s literature and words. No wonder I love Singapore!

Today Mahtab Narsimhan and I presented a packed session on telling scary stories… Mahtab lives in Canada, so with the 12-hour difference, our 4pm session was the equivalent of a 4am session for her, and after an all-nighter too. How’s that for a scary story! 🙂

Luckily, thanks to our cunning Skype planning sessions and natural wit and charm, the session was terrific. Lots of interesting questions and willing volunteers. Lots of secret phobias and unusual ones too (fear of spouses!?!). I’m looking forward to tomorrows sessions even more now! Whee!

Thanks so much to WritingWA for the chance to be here, and to the Singapore Book Council for organising.


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