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2015: Finish your book or eat grilled crickets


Cristy Burne eating grilled cricket

Mmmm. Eating grilled cricket at Scitech. Tastes like toast.

You read it here first:

This year I am finally going to finish that book. You know. The one I’ve been writing for THREE YEARS!!

It should never have taken this long. I have all the excuses, and it has been a fabulous learning journey, but at the end of the year day, it’s time to put the thing to bed.

This year is the year.

I hereby swear and promise: if I don’t finish writing (and editing!) my book this year, I’m going to eat a grilled cricket. Make that two grilled crickets.

Oh, that’s right. I’ve already eaten two grilled crickets. (All in a day’s work.)

But seriously. This year is the year.

So, enough of this post. I’m off writing!
And enough reading of this post: be off with you too. Go and do something you desperately want to do.

Happy New Year people!

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4 thoughts on “2015: Finish your book or eat grilled crickets

  1. Good luck! 2014 was the year I finished three novellas (and also the year I got a piece published for the first time, a short story I was incredibly proud of!) I want to make a full-length novel the goal for 2015. Maybe we can both hit our resolutions!


  2. Best of luck! I’ve just written a creative work schedule for the rest of this month, and general monthly goals through June. 2015 is going to be a good creative year, but it’s going to take a lot of work!

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    • Thanks Buri-chan! I’m a huge fan of monthly goals…sometimes once-a-month is just the reminder you need.

      Good luck with achieving your goals, and be sure to keep your list of goals somewhere. I love reading mine on New Years Eve for the year before…I’m usually impressed!

      Go us!

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