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Science writing: tectonic foundations, seagrass meadows, microalgae, football and Jurassic bacteria…


One of the things I love about science writing is the absolute variety I meet in my working day. I’m always learning new things, and I get to spend time talking to passionate, clever and interesting people.

Below are some of the stories I worked on last month for the Perth-based ScienceNetwork WA. SNWA articles require a journalistic “hard news” writing style, which is very different to the storytelling style I’m used to, but they’re still great fun to research and write. I’m always learning something new.

From WA’s tectonic foundations to the Bardi Jawi seagrass meadows, from microalgae to Australian football, from our Jurassic past to our (hopefully) glittery future…and all of it researched in Western Australia. Yay us!

WA foundations not as ‘stable’ as previously thought

What’s eating you? Solving the seagrass mystery

Marriage of maths and microalgae a good export

Zeds in bed not linked to AFL injuries

Long-gone bacteria blows the whistle on gold deposits

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2 thoughts on “Science writing: tectonic foundations, seagrass meadows, microalgae, football and Jurassic bacteria…

  1. Loved looking at your words… great pieces, and thank you for introducing me to a really interesting looking online mag. Wondering if there is something a bit more local to me (rural NSW) of a similar sort…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cate,
      Thanks so much for your kind words…I don’t know of a similar site in NSW, but it’d be great to have a series of news websites celebrating local science achievements. So much goes on and so many new things are learned, and much of it never makes the news. Thanks for your visit, and your comment!


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