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The week in pictures: Books Light Up Our World!


With just one day left of Children’s Book Week, it’s time to share some highlights from the last few days…I’ve just had so much fun, presenting to school groups from Year 1 right up to Year 10, and it’s exciting how much fun we’ve had with science, Japanese ghosts and a whole swimming pool of cabbage juice.

Thanks so much to everyone for organising Children’s Book Week…Books really do light up our world, so a big pat-on-the-back to all of us who do so much to promote reading and literacy in our schools. HOORAY FOR US!


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2 thoughts on “The week in pictures: Books Light Up Our World!

  1. Our three boys and I loved hearing about your huge adventure in China and Tibet at Riverton Library.
    The show was also great! Wishing you continued success in Science and as a Writer.
    Prunella and family.


    • Thanks so much – that’s great to hear! I always have fun at Riverton Library! Thanks so much for your comment and congratulations on your adventurous year – I think kids just gobble adventures right up! See you next time 🙂


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