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Shukran, Sharjah!

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Sharjah-socialI’m having an incredible time in the United Arab Emirates for the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, but already it’s time to pack and head home…what happened to the time?

As you can imagine, it can be quite intimidating to arrive at a festival knowing Literally Noone, but one of my favourite parts of writing for children is traveling to new places, meeting new people, attempting new challenges, speaking for and learning from new audiences…

So on Day 1, I try to remember that everyone feels just as lost as me, and I ignore the little voice that says “Hide” and instead listen to the shaky voice that says “Let’s rock!”

It works for me 🙂


So thank you to all my new friends.

Thanks for the laughter, the honesty, the support and the adventures.

Thanks for yoga on the early morning beach and dinner by the late night waves.

Thanks for music and hospitality and amazing food and constant generosity.

Thanks for sharing stories and coffees and kind words and inspiration. I’ve had an absolute ball.



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