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Takeshita Demons: now even scarier in Indonesian!

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Miku and Cait Takeshita Demons.jpg

Miku Takeshita and Cait O’Neill: don’t mess with them.

At last, thanks to the lovely @_bacaisme and Twitter, I am holding copy of Takeshita Demons in Indonesian! YAY!

The cover is lovely and shiny, and Miku and Cait have been redrawn to look even more kick-ass, and the nureonna?

Well, let’s just say I’d never want to meet her in an empty school corridor in the dead of night.

It’s pretty strange to see such scary images on the cover of my books, especially since I don’t like scary stories. (I get really, really scared!).


And yes, that is a comparison to Roald Dahl and the Brothers Grimm on the cover. Woah! And really? Thanks reviewer, whoever you are.


Even looking at her freaks me right out. Just in time for Halloween.

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