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Hot Date with the Laptop Ladies

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Is there anything more decadent than giving yourself a day’s writing in a fresh new cafe with your authorly friends? I think perhaps not.

Today I met with the gorgeous Laptop Ladies. We lined up with coffees and cords and click-clack-clicked our way towards story satisfaction.


Yum! Fresh and tasty and healthy.


And I scored a new $5 note!

I had the total pleasure of working on edits from Cate for The New Book, which she has tentatively titled To the Lighthouse. (I am LOVING the new title, BTW.)

It was so much fun.

It had all the satisfaction of editing, with only scrapings of the usual angst (you know, the not-knowing-if-your-story-is-working kind of angst.)

I think as writers we always worry about whether the manuscript we’re writing is any good.

That’s why it is SOOOO reassuring to work on a story knowing that at least someone thinks it’s good.

This editing session was not only (relatively) angst-free, but also incredibly fun. I actually liked my book! And Cate’s edits were so clever. She seemed to be able to pull the real essence of the story up and out of the draft, so it really became the story I’d been trying to write.

If I think too long, I already fill with terror for the future (you know, the not-knowing-if-you’ll-ever-be-able-to-write-something-this-good-ever-again kind of terror).

So I’m trying not to think too hard.

Instead, I’m trying to enjoy this little bit of angst-free author’s life. I’ve dreamed of (and worked for) for this moment for so long, I think I deserve it. 🙂



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One thought on “Hot Date with the Laptop Ladies

  1. Yay for hot dates and new books! :o)


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