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Give stories this Christmas

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My kids get their own newspaper in the mail, every week. Just for them.

Want a great gift idea?

Know a young person who deserves to know the world is actually a pretty fabulous place and it’s filled with great people who are working hard to make it even better?

Then I say, give words.

Give stories.

Give books.

Give knowledge.


The latest Double Helix issue…in my letterbox today! …Awesome!

Walk in others’ shoes…

I have two kids, and I’m passionate about keeping them inspired, giving them hope, giving them the tools they’ll need to solve problems and find solutions.

I think kids can find these tools when they take a walk in others’ shoes, which is why I adore and write children’s fiction (watch for my new book, out with Fremantle Press next year!).

But don’t wait till next year… Give a kid a book this Christmas!


Be inspired by others’ real life achievements

Real life is also an amazing source of inspiration and hope, so I’m super-proud to be writing non-fiction for two amazing kids’ publications:

CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine, for science-loving kids (or anyone fascinated by the world around them); and

Crinkling News, Australia’s national newspaper for young people (covering sports, politics, current affairs…you name it, and all for kids).

Subscriptions are available on-line (Double Helix and Crinkling News): they encourage kids to read, to engage, to think, to wonder, and even better, they’re a gift that lasts all year.

So what are you waiting for? A parking space? (I went shopping this morning; oh, save me from car parking.)

Or a good deal? Double Helix have a 12-month-with-gift-pack subscription, and Crinkling have 10% off for Christmas! And Fremantle Press deliver to your door…Whee!

Happy holidays everyone!!


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