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Happy International Lighthouse Day!

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To the Lighthouse, and the lighthouse keeper!

August 7 is International Lighthouse Day. 

What will you do to celebrate? Maybe cozy up with a Western Australian book adventure!

For a taste of life as a lighthouse keeper’s kid, check out the gorgeous Lighthouse Girl by Dianne Wolfer. It’s based on a real life story of Faye Howe on Breaksea Island in 1915, and it makes me cry every time I read it. (I can’t think of this book without remembering the Giants’ visit to Perth in 2015, and the serenely beautiful Girl Giant kicking up her heels for a dance.)

To visit Broome on a stormy night, check out the funny and re-released-by-popular-demand The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper by Yawuru author Terrizita Corpus. This book draws inspiration from the Gantheaume Point lighthouse, built in 1905. (I love this spot! We scrambled down to the rocks and hunt for fossilised dinosaur footprints…loads of fun!)

And of course, for a daring adventure on Rottnest Island, grab a copy of To the Lighthouse, by me :-).

If you itch for even more adventure (or the ultimate writer’s retreat), pop your application in the mail and you (and a compulsory friend) could be spending six months as a lighthouse keeper on Tasmania’s Maatsuyker Island. Go on… I dare you!~


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