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RedGum book club and Young Writers Award… and To the Lighthouse!

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RedGum register your schoolIf you think your school might like $250 of new books, check out RedGum book club.

They’re Australian, they promote Aussie books, and your school gets $250 of new books when signing up to receive their catalogue.

RedGum specialAnd guess what’s in the most recent RedGum catalogue?

Loads of fab books, including The 91-Storey Treehouse, The Spectacular Spencer Gray, the beautiful Swimming on the Lawn by debut author Yasmin Hamid, and…To the Lighthouse. YAY!

So check it out, grab some bargains, and support Australian authors 🙂

RedGum Young Writers Award!!!!!!!!

While you’re cruising the RedGum offerings, if you’re aged 9 to 13, why not enter the RedGum Young Writers Award.

You can write a picture book or short story, it’s free to enter, and you can win a $250 book club voucher.

Heaps of authors and illustrators (including me!) get their start by entering competitions like this. You might win. You might miss out. But either way, you’re creating something awesome.

Get to it…

Entries close Sunday 11 December 2017

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