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-3, -2, -1…blast-on: Kid-style launch for ‘To the Lighthouse’

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To the Lighthouse has been available since May 29, but then it sold out, so we had to reprint, which took forever, until finally, at last, I’m stoked to announce that… drum roll…

We once again have copies!!!!

The crowd goes wild!! (Actually, that’s just me…I’m typing this all alone, except for my dog :-)) 

To the Lighthouse Rottnest bike

Wanna help me celebrate?

Ask your parents to grab you some tickets for an awesome nearly-hour of fun, celebrating the kid-style launch of To the Lighthouse, an adventure that could happen to you.

There’ll be a ferocious quokka oven mitt, some incredibly scary chip packets, and we’ll make some important (and not-so-sensible) decisions, like ‘would you rather eat twenty donuts in a minute, or have no donuts for a week?’

And I’ll share a sneak peek of a To the Lighthouse follow-up that I’m working on right now.

(Actually, I kinda sorta probably need some help with that bit, so bring your thinking caps, please!).

To the Lighthouse bike carrier.jpgWHEN: Thursday October 5
TIME: 3pm (50 minutes long)
WHERE: The Story Place, mezzanine floor, State Library of WA, Perth.
COST: $15.50 general admission + one copy of To the Lighthouse. $25.50 family of four + one copy of To the Lighthouse. $5.50 general admission (Inclusive of all fees and charges).
BOOKINGS: EssentialBook your tickets online (click the yellow BOOK NOW button, top-right) or call 9328 9666, or email

Isaac arrives on Rottnest Island hoping for an awesome holiday adventure, but
his mum would rather he stayed inside, where it’s safe. Then Isaac meets
Emmy. She’s allowed to do whatever she wants – and she wants to have fun!
With Emmy daring him on, Isaac’s life gets more and more exciting. But when
things go horribly wrong on their secret midnight adventure, they both wonder
whether this time they’ve gone too far…

Hope to see you there!

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