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Thank you Ubud!

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I’m back from Ubud! It was AMAZING! I feel so lucky to have been part of this year’s Ubud Readers and Writers Festival

I have met so many fabulous and talented people, been so inspired, challenged and stimulated, and been so well looked after.

Thank you to the gorgeous team at KanoSari Ubud for putting me up in the most fabulous surrounds, to WritingWA for getting me over there, to my fellow presenters and moderators for inspiring me and teaching me, to the readers for coming along (and inventing a people-phobic-peacock), and to the entire festival team for creating such a beautiful thing.

Now to get to work: I have a long, long list of Things I Want To Do 🙂

PS: I also met my November 1 manuscript deadline, which I’ve been working towards since signing with XOUM/Brio Books in March. Yeeee ha!

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