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Some fun snaps from the last few weeks

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I’m feeling really lucky right now to have had such an amazing year and to have met so many terrific people.

I also feel lucky not to have been made into snail milkshakes by a demented frog with the world’s least popular hair. Because in this writing business, anything can happen. Especially when you let kids begin with a Mr Squiggle and then James Foley starts to draw…AMAZING!

Thanks to Suzette Teixeira for these photos from a great session with James at the City of Melville’s Merge Festival. Here we are ‘on the couch’ with Jane Fraser, the CEO of Fremantle Press. It was so much fun – thank you for laughing at our jokes. As you can see, I thought they were pretty funny 🙂

Merge on the couch.jpg

SIDE.jpgAnd thanks also to the fabulous team at the School of Isolated and Distance Education!

We had a terrific day chatting to kids from all over Australia and the world!! I had a blast 🙂

I especially loved the chance to teach with a text box active on the screen, because students were firing jokes and questions and it was fast-paced and funny. Perfect! Thank you everyone!!


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