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An amazing school visit – Art, science, English and more

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I was recently lucky enough to spend some time at Rostrata Primary, where the Year 3s have been studying To the Lighthouse in class. Their amazing teachers, Edward Wilkinson and Charu Sharma, have used To the Lighthouse to teach art, science, English and more…

I was so humbled and impressed by the students’ efforts. There were book reviews, lighthouse mosaics, To The Lighthouse comics, gorgeous peacock paintings, fabulous lighthouse wall displays, and an incredible working lighthouse activity. LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

And, as a special treat, I was able to meet Richard Johnson, Rostrata’s incredible science specialist teacher. He’s a passionate teacher, and a finalist in the Global Teacher Prize for the work he has done in bringing science to life in primary schools (announced by Stephen Hawking here).

In the school lab I saw spiny stick insects, giant pterosaurs, 3D printers, gorgeous fish, and more silkworm moths than I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!! I also saw how science can be brought to life for children. I didn’t enjoy science at primary school because I didn’t ever realise how fabulous it was.

Now, thanks to teachers like Mr Johnson, kids around Australia can have this chance. Amazing!


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