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My New Year’s Resolutions…and goodbye Crinkling News


Happy 2018 everyone! I’m rested and rip-roaring to get my teeth into new projects.

Writing every day!
Inspired by children’s writer H. M Waugh’s JanNoWriMo, I’m writing every day. I’m working on a project I started a year ago and just haven’t been able to forget. It’s very close to my heart, and it’s going well. Perhaps that’s because I’m taking more risks.

  • I’m starting from setting. Now, will those of you who know me, please get up from off the floor. Yes. Setting. Enjoying setting is a relatively new thing for me, perhaps inspired by To The Lighthouse, where Rottnest Island is such a huge part of the story. So: yay, me! My relationship with setting is developing. My writing is developing.
  • I’m leaving story errors in the manuscript. (What!? You’re not making everything perfect!?!?)(Nope. Poo to perfect.) I figure I can fix the gaping errors, rubbish cliches and sketchy details later, when I have a better grasp of what the story actually is.
  • I’m not fleshing out minor characters. (See above.) I can breathe life into them later, when I know more about their B-plots.
  • I’m not chained to writing the story in order. Instead I’m writing in chunks, like building with Lego. I can move chunks around once I know the basic structure of my house, to give it that bit of architectural va-voom.
  • I’m writing what I love, what I want to think about, what I want kids to think about.
  • I’m writing every day. I know, I know. You’re supposed to write every day, all the writing coaches say this. Well, the tough truth is, they’re correct. Or at least, they are when it comes to being me. I write better, and I’m happier, when I write every day.


New Year’s Resolutions
My New Year’s Resolution last year was to Be More Selfish. (You’ll note I didn’t share this with you last year. Selfish, hey :-)) So yeah. Be More Selfish. If you’re a serial pleaser, like me, you should give it a try. 2017 was the first time in eight years since I’d had five days a week for myself. It rocked! I tried to spend more time doing what was important to me. I tried to spend less time bending over backwards on the off chance of keeping everyone happy. Resolution Rating: 5 stars.

In 2018, my New Year’s Resolution is to Think Less. Yep, you also read that one right. I over-think things. Important things and unimportant things. I spend hours and hours working out the pros and cons of A over B, or C over A, and large chunks of my life are spent deciding instead of doing. But, as my lovely mum always says: if it’s really hard to choose between two things, they’re probably both good. (Aren’t mums great!) So this year, I’m channeling Ben Lee: Just do it, whatever it is, whatever it is. Just do it. So, yep. Think Less. Resolution Rating: Watch this space.


Crinkling News
On a sadder note, I found out today that Crinkling News, the incredible children’s newspaper I’ve been regularly contributing to, is folding. It’s a shock, especially following the success of their crowd-funding campaign mid-2017 (thanks to everyone who helped keep it alive). I’m disappointed that it didn’t live for longer. But I’m proud to reflect on all the work Crinkling did to celebrate good news, educate kids about current affairs, and inspire our next generation to be involved, media-savvy citizens.

Thanks to everyone who subscribed or donated or contributed to Crinkling. I’m shocked and saddened to see it go :-/

A list of some of my stories is below. I’ve loved chatting to all my interviewees, learning so many new things, and inspiring kids with the possibilities of science and technology. Here’s hoping the ripples from reading Crinkling News spread far and wide.

And here’s hoping we have a fabulous 2018. Just do it, whatever it is.

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2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions…and goodbye Crinkling News

  1. I love your lego-plotting ideas. Am currently stuck in an awkward scene… perhaps I will skip on, and finish it later!


    • I vote for skip! Just write in the MS and in a comment: They fight to the death. Or: They drink tea with a pet squirrel. And move on to the good bit. Then you don’t need to delete the fight-to-the-death or tea-drink-with squirrel later on, when you find out you didn’t need it 🙂 🙂

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