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What is Cristy like live?

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IMG_5248“I had different teachers returning children’s feedback sheets from your sessions (THE NEXT DAY!!!!) and letting me know kids in the playground had come up to them and said how good you were. One of the staff let me know her friend (a very experienced Teacher at Holy Spirit) had said our CBW programme was the best she’d been to…we will definitely be asking you back in the future.” Cambridge Library

“The feedback received from school about your visit is amazing. You have an amazing and a very positive personality and I enjoyed every bit of my time when I was with you.” Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, UAE

“The kids were absolutely captivated by her, she had them fully engaged and engrossed!” Amherst Village Library

Science on the Move South Africa“The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed your session.  The feedback from the teacher was that she loved your “comedic approach to career choices and you kept the students interested”. Rockingham Campus Community Library

“The children were responsive, relaxed and engrossed.” Bentley Library

“Cristy had our students engaged right from the very beginning of her presentation.” Excelsior Primary School

“I would highly recommend Cristy for workshops with children. Her professionalism made my job extremely easy.” Wanneroo Library


“Cristy has the ability to provide a relaxed, non-competitive  atmosphere, where no matter how much experience you have, you are confident to share your thoughts and work.” Paula

“Thank you Cristy for the course in creative writing that I attended. The benefits I gained were far beyond my expectations. I truly appreciate your input and advice.” Steve

“Cristy’s classes were both fun with new writing prompts and activities each week, as well as inspiring for new writers like myself to explore different styles. I’d highly recommend Cristy to anyone!” Melissa

“Cristy knows her stuff and imparts her wisdom in the most fun and welcoming way.” Michelle

“Cristy’s energy and passion shines through each fun and engaging activity.” Brad

writing“Cristy facilitates with head, heart and hand and is inspiring and motivational in her approach. One thousand thanks.” Charlotte

“The Writing for Children course with Cristy Burne was an excellent way of learning the craft of writing as well as getting invaluable feedback on my manuscript.  I can highly recommend it.” Jenny

“Cristy is a great facilitator, not only did her classes inspire creativity within the course, her ability to see each person as individuals has helped immensely afterwards. Since completing the short course earlier this year, I’ve been able to finish my first novel and have had three articles published in my local community newspaper. Her lessons are fun, interactive and make you want to go home and write!” Nicole

Cristy Burne livefeed screen grab“The class was informal, informative and structured. The tutor engaged well with the class and participation in the class exercises set proved helpful in seeing where possible errors in writing could be made. This short course sparked my interest in taking the full evening course. I would recommend to anyone considering writing.” dee

“Cristy is a joy to learn from. I would love to enrol in another class of hers.” Polytechnic West

“This course was a very positive learning experience and I have recommended it to friends.” Polytechnic West

“I learnt heaps and valued every minute of my course.” Polytechnic West

“Loved it! Surpassed my expectations.” Polytechnic West

“I was a student of Cristy’s creative writing course in February of 2014. I am not a fiction writer and was one of few in the class who did not have a piece I was working on so could easily have felt out of my league. This was not the case. Cristy’s enthusiastic, relaxed and encouraging style put me at ease immediately her engaging and fun classes took us through all styles of writing from fiction and biography to screen writing and poetry in such an interesting and unique way that you couldn’t help but be inspired. She even managed to create such a comfortable environment that people were happy and even willing to share their works with the class. .. Now that the course is over, Cristy continues to be a source of encouragement and is still approachable to offer help and advice when I need it. I believe that the skills and tips I have learnt from Cristy have helped me become a better writer and her infectious enthusiasm has help me expand and improve my blog. Thanks Cristy!” Nina-Marie

Scribblers5“In term one I enrolled in Cristy’s creative writing evening class. I am a novice writer with a day job who was looking for inspiration and direction. I found both in Cristy’s class. She provided a safe environment with a small group of like minded souls. We were encouraged to write often and get out of our comfort zones. Cristy combined structured writing tasks with
time for analysing each others’ work. It was a positive and productive experience.” Vivienne

“I attended Cristy’s course earlier this year with only an idea in the back of my head but no clue about how to go about it. Cristy has provided excellent tips and techniques to help me get started. It certainly was an eye-opener. Thank you so much Cristy!” Leona

“I found the Writing for Children course with Cristy Burne immensely helpful to my development as an author – not only did it provide valuable tips and techniques on the craft of writing, but also very importantly, it helped me gain confidence in my ability as a children’s writer. I loved the workshop element of the course and found that learning to give critiques was as useful as receiving it. I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of developing a friendship with fellow writers. Since the completion of the course, I’ve gone on to publish a children’s mystery series which has sold several thousand copies worldwide and won various book awards in the U.S. and U.K. – something I probably could not have done without the first step via Cristy’s course.” H. Y. Hanna

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