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Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Meet the canine muses of your fave book creators

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Sherp all grown up!

Yesterday was Sherp’s 4th birthday. (Everybody sing, now).

She’s so lovely. She’s a gorgeous pet for our family. She’s also taught me a lot about being a writer.

Now Sherp’s turned an oh-so-mature four-years-old, she seems to have decided it’s a writer’s life for her, too.

Day in the life…

Sherp’s my constant companion at the computer when I’m drafting, or on the couch when I’m planning, or walking the street when I’m dreaming up new ideas.

She sits at my feet if at all possible, but moves to the fridge when I move to the fridge, and heads out to water the plants when I head out to water the plants (then skulks inside as soon as she sees the hose…not a fan of water, that pooch).


Sherp and her brother as puppy explorers…

She also sighs loudly in the middle of important phone calls, especially when I’m on speaker phone. (Ouch. Awkward.)

And she has amazing doggy dreams (she’s having one right now!) where she plays at the park or chases cats or discovers a bucketful of steak, or something.

Anyway, she seems very happy in those dreams, and that makes me happy too.

Beauty and courage and freedom and joy

All this puppy-love got me thinking about all the other writers I know who are also massively attached to their gorgeous doggy companions.


Sherp with her brothers and sisters and gorgeous mum. They were rescued by the amazing volunteers at Wish Animal Rescue.

Perhaps it’s that dogs make good writing assistants?

Or is it that writing requires empathy, and so does caring for a dog?

Or is it that we artists love beauty and courage and freedom and joy?

Because I think dogs bring all these things into our lives.

Dogs of the Rich and Famous

That’s why I’m launching a new feature on this blog: Dogs of the Rich and Famous!

Each fortnight we’ll get to meet one fabulous dog…..and the writer lucky enough to work with it. I’m so excited to meet each author’s assistant pooch!

Bring on, cute puppy photos and a sneak-peek insight into how your favourite book creators work… We’ll kick off next Monday 🙂 See you then!

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