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Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Banjo…and Mark Greenwood

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3.JPGWelcome back to my new favourite feature: Dogs of the Rich and Famous!!

Today’s canine muse is Banjo, assistant to Australian author Mark Greenwood.

“Banjo came into our lives after four years without a dog,” says Mark. “He arrived after a long flight from Queensland, a tiny ball of smiling fluff. And he never stopped smiling. Banjo is always happy.”


About Banjo

Age: 2 years

Breed (or best guess): Border Collie

Assistant to: Author Mark Greenwood.

Mark’s books include The Legend of Lasseter’s Reef, Moondyne Joe, Simpson and His Donkey, Jandamarra and Boomerang and Bat.

HappinessBox.jpegMark often teams with his wife, illustrator Frané Lessac, to produce books that promote an understanding of multicultural issues, such as Drummer Boy of John John, Magic Boomerang, Outback Adventure, and Our Big Island. Their other books include Ned Kelly & The Green Sash, The Mayflower, The Greatest Liar on Earth and Midnight – the story of a light horse.

Mark’s recent chapter book series delves into some of Australia’s most baffling History Mysteries. In 2018, he will celebrate the publication of a new picture book, The Happiness Box, illustrated by Andrew McLean.

Help or hindrance? “[Banjo’s] instinctive skills as an editor…took me by surprise,” Mark says.

“The first thing he did, after he sniffed his new home, was to waddle into my studio and plonk himself down on my latest manuscript.

“Then, sentence by sentence, he began to eat the sections that needed work. One day he devoured my entire story – Banjo’s way of letting me know it needed a rewrite.”

Fave toy: Justin Beaver (a soft toy) and a bouncy blue diamond.

Fave game: “Banjo never passes up a ride with the wind in his face,” says Mark. “Chasing waves make him happy. And being with Banjo makes me happy too!”

Instagram account!? That’s right. Banjo’s so hip, he’s on Instagram.


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One thought on “Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Banjo…and Mark Greenwood

  1. Love this, Cristy! In that last photo it looks like Banjo is parting the ocean. What skills! 🙂


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