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Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Hecta…and Julia Lawrinson

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Dogs of the Rich and Famous is back, this time starring the carrot-loving scoundral Hecta, assistant to Julia Lawrinson, Australian author of literature for young adults.

I actually laughed out loud while reading about Hecta. All I can say is, he’s one lucky dog to have found such a loving (and understanding) home.

About Hecta

Age: 10.5 years

Breed (or best guess): Broken coat Jack Russell Terrier

beforeyouforget_final-cover-1.jpegAssistant to: Julia Lawrinson, who has written more than a dozen books for children and young adults, many of them award-winning. She writes about friendship, family and the occasional Jack Russell. She loves the ocean, reading, and the word serendipity.

Her latest book for younger readers is The Flyaway Girls (Penguin Random House 2015) and her latest young adult novel is Before You Forget (Penguin Random House 2017). You can read about her here.

Annie Lawrinson and Hecta.jpgAnd a special mention to: Annie Lawrinson, Julia’s daughter and incredible portrait artist, also puts up with Hecta and his antics and dietary choices (can they be called choices?).

Help or hindrance? “On balance I’d have to say he’s helped,” says Julia, “seeing as he has featured in my latest novel, Before You Forget, as himself.

“However, his habit of courting near-death experiences, such as escaping onto busy roads and eating whatever he can find (including thumbtacks and discarded chicken bones, requiring panicked vet visits), has shortened my life, I’m sure.”

Fave toy: “Doesn’t have one,” says Julia. “Destroys them all.”

Fave game: “Raiding the bins at the nursing home he visits each weekend,” says Julia. “And chowing down on crusts, eggshells, and whatever other delights he can find in the moments between raid and detection.”



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