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Young (and old) writers: City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards

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In 2013 I entered the City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards…and I won a Commended prize for my short story! Back then, I was caring for two young children and teaching writing at TAFE, and I was seriously strugglng to find time to actually write.

Entering the awards gave me something to aim for. And having my writing acknowledged was such a boost. I walked around with helium in my beach ball for days.

Capture that Aussie beach feeling


“Two Children at Beach” by Delon Govender (2003)

If you’re anything like me, the sight of kids playing at the beach warms the cockles of your heart.

And if you live in WA, you’ll probably feel like you know the exact spot where these two kids are playing ball.

The painting might spark a memory, or a feeling, or the beginning of a story…

It’s a gorgeous painting, and it’s part of a fantastic opportunity for writers, young and old:

2018 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards

Whether you write for children or write for adults, so long as you’re aged at least 10, the City of Rockingham 2018 Short Fiction Awards are for you.

This year’s entries…

This year’s entries must somehow involve Delon Govender’s fabulous painting. Your story needs to be original, unpublished, not have received an award in another competition, and not be under consideration elsewhere. You can submit up to three stories and there’s $5000+ in prize money. Even better, entry is free.

There are three main categories – Open, Over 50s and Young Writers (10-17). Entries close Friday 13 July.

Motivate your young writers with cash!

While some of us write for passion or glory, I always say there’s nothing like the promise of a prize to motivate a young writer, and the City of Rockingham awards certainly deliver. (Do make it clear to your young writer that there’s no guarentee that they’ll win…but you do have to be in it to win it…)

Prizes in Young Writers (10 to 17) division:

1st prize: $700
2nd prize: $400
3rd prize: $200

Prizes in the Open division:

1st prize: $1000
2nd prize: $500
3rd prize: $300
Two commendations of $100

Prizes in the Over 50s division:

1st prize: $1000
2nd prize: $500
3rd prize: $500
Two commendations of $100

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen that pencil!

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