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Young creators making books at Amherst Library

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For the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be working with some terrific young writers, illustrators and book-makers at the Amherst Village Library. We’ve been meeting after school once a week, with the goal of making our own books.

I’m so proud of everyone! We’ve gone from being a bunch of nervous strangers figuring out where to get story ideas….to busy beavers chatting away while we turn our story drafts into the real thing.

Over the weeks we’ve looked at how to find ideas, techniques for plotting stories, different ways to create mini-books, ways to edit your own work, and more… It’s been FLAT OUT!

Lots of this great work happened at home, after our workshops had finished. Each week you would arrive with your project even further advanced than when we left it. You are the best!! Well done! 

Congratulations to everyone in the group for your dedication and hard work (and to your parents too, for bringing you each week!). Thanks also to the terrific team at Amherst Library, especially Ashley and and Amanda. THANK YOU!!

I’m so impressed with everything our group has achieved! 



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