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Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Banner…and Kelly Canby

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Today’s misnamed pooch is Banner, assistant to Australian author-illustrator Kelly Canby.

“My dog is called Banner because my, at the time four year old son, was allowed to name him and decided to name him after a character from the TV show Slugterra,” Kelly says. “That was fine, until a few years later I googled the character and found out the character’s name isn’t Banner, it’s Danna! Our dog was supposed to be called Danna!”

dog birthday cake.JPGAbout Danna Banner

Age:  5 years. (Check out lucky Banner’s birthday cake!)

Breed (or best guess): Boxer

Assistant to: Author-illustrator Kelly Canby.

Kelly was born in London, England, at a very young age. She now lives in Perth, Western Australia, and is quite a bit older. Kelly spends her days in the studio drawing and painting and when she isn’t in the studio drawing and painting she’s probably in another room drawing and painting. Kelly draws and paints a lot. Also, she is surprisingly good at parallel parking.The Hole Story.jpg

A full list of book titles and news can be found at

Lots and lots of drawings and current work can be found on Instagram.

Help or hindrance?

“I’d like to say Banner is a great writing and illustrating companion but all he does is sleep on the couch during the day so, no help there really,” says Kelly.

Fave toy: “When he’s not sleeping on the couch all day, Banner’s favourite toys are whichever one of my shoes I’m chasing him around the garden trying get back off him,” says Kelly. “And my son, they’re the very, very best of friends.”

Fave game: Chasie

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