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Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Pepsi…and Sandi Parsons

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Pepsi and Sandi Parsons.jpgToday we’re celebrating another clever canine in…Dogs of the Rich and Famous.

Today’s dog is Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor to West Australian author and proud book nerd, Sandi Parsons.

And in true Canine Story Advisor fashion, Pepsi has opted to tell her own story for us today…

Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor

When I first got this request from Cristy, I was so excited, I ran around chasing my tail for a bit. Then I read the fineprint: Cristy wanted my writer to do this interview.

But I’m rich (I have people to look after me!) and I’m waaaayyyy more famous than my writer, so I decided to take over. It’s what I do best.

pepsi-the-problem-puppy.pngBlue Heelers are working dogs, and I’m no exception. I’ve been a Canine Story Advisor for six and half years and I’m pretty good at it, even if I do say so myself.

I take research assignments very seriously. Once I ran away from home, and went on an adventure up and down the street. Then I found a bowl full of cat kibble and ate it all up. Yum! My writer yelled something fierce at me at the time, but she calmed down later and wrote all it about it in our book. It was a win for everybody.

While the research is fun and interesting, filing and editing are my least favourite jobs. Sometimes it looks like I am sleeping during the editing process, but I promise I’m busy being an excellent paperweight. The office chair spins which sort of makes up for the boring bits.

The worst thing about being a Canine Story Advisor is the puparazzi. Always with the photos!

About Pepsi

Age: 6.5

Breed (or best guess): A disgracefully behaved but sweet-natured blue heeler.

Assistant to: Sandi Parsons, author and proud book nerd.

Help or hindrance? Pepsi takes her role of Canine Story Advisor seriously, putting much thought and practice into the antics and shenanigans of her fictional counterpart.

She claims all shenanigans are purely for research purposes only, and that any Houdini-like escape attempts are not trouble, but plot points.

She’s currently giving some thought to setting the record straight and publishing her memoirs, tentatively titled Pepsi the Perfect Puppy.

Fave place: Lazing in the sun

Fave game job: Chief of Border Security for her household.

You can find Pepsi on the web and on Instagram. She has been officially acknowledged as a Canine Story Advisor on the title page of Pepsi the Problem Puppy.

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