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Zeroes and Ones advance copy!

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Zeroes and Ones-Cristy Burne.JPGI’m way too excited to let you know I HAVE MY ADVANCE COPY OF ZEROES AND ONES!!!

This is my first book with Brio Books.

I love the gorgeous books they make, and I was quietly hoping they would make my book look and feel the way they make Adam Spencer’s books look and feel (which is amazing!).


It’s shiny!

It’s pretty!

It’s a whopping 237 pages and running your fingertips across the raised font on its cover feels Just So Lovely!

It’s dedicated to the innovators of tomorrow.

When I imagined this book, I wanted it to be something kids could be inspired by. I wanted it to contain real-life stories of hope and failure and dedication and triumph. And I hoped it would be a book parents and children and teachers could read to help think about where we fit in this world of STEM* and STEAM** and social media and tablets and apps and all the other things that demand our attention.

I wanted this to be a book that kids could read with a view to creating technology, not just consuming it.

And well, it’s here now. I tried my best…and I hope Zeroes and Ones has achieved all of these things and more. Also, I hope it’s quirky and funny and OMG-is-that-really-true interesting.

Pre-order now!

If you know a mini innovator who loves computers and coding, wacky facts and hard-to-believe stories, you can pre-order your own highly strokable copy of Zeroes and Ones today, from Booktopia, or Boffins, or QBD, or ask at your fabulous local bookstore and they’ll order it in. THANK YOU! It’s recommended for kids in upper primary and beyond.

And I hope you enjoy your fast and fabulous non-digital journey through computing and time! What happens next is up to you…


And acronyms decoded:

* STEM = science, technology, engineering and maths

** STEAM = science, technology, engineering, arts and maths



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